Strike Motors


Customized Reverse Cargo Trike Manufacturer

Automotive Industry

ENTREPRENEUR : Mohamed Ben Mahmoud

He is a mechanical engineer who graduated from ENIM in 2013, has engineering design, automotive and manufacturing experience. He is today the CEO of Strike Motors.


STRIKE MOTORS automotive manufacture, design, prototype and manufacture vehicles to be used as food trucks for delivery services by micro-entrepreneurs. This vehicle is named STRIKE, an innovative reverse cargo trike. With a modular design, it is very ergonomic and it is multi-usage : street vending, delivery and street marketing. They customize their STRIKE and install all the necessary equipment to their clients


Manufacturing and commercialization of the bike to clients and partners through direct and indirect sales.


Their primary clients are the street vendors, small businesses and the  unemployed. Offering them a ready to go job and a profitable solution, they help street vendors integrate the formal sector.  With the sale of one STRIKE, a job and a small business are created.