Science recreation center for kids

Knowledge Economy


  • Civil engineer and University Professor
  • Passionate about Science and Knowledge Sharing
  • Great pedagogical and contact skills with children and clients,
  • 10+ experience in popular scientific work.



Provider of scientific recreation for children and older with the aim of scientific awakening of future generations

Business model

Subscription to scientific workshops

Impact social

  • 5 jobs created in 3 years
  • 450 children trained in 3 years

Hypothesis to be tested

Outsource marketing services

Implement a marketing strategy in partnership with agencies such as  G-dice

Provide high-end workshops and revise the price range

Lancer une étude de marché sur les clients potentiels vs. localisation vs. Prix pour une cartographie claire du Grand Tunis


Sign a contract with BigDeal to promote our internal activities continuously for 3 months

Make a study for an optimal marketing strategy (digital and physical) for B2C and B2B

Offer in the Sciencia room a 5-day Master Class in robotics with a high-end finish (off-the-shelf parts)

Launch of a market study with an expert cabinet to evaluate the regions of Greater Tunis and neighborhoods with interest in Sciencia activities