Smart Solution for Transportation and Delivery

Digital Logistics & Services

ENTREPRENEURS: Bassem BouguerraNebil Jridet

Bassem, software engineer, investor and CEO of IntilaQ, an investment and innovation hub for Tunisian startups, founded IntiGo with Nebil, who is also the founder of Al Oula Attounsia and PayBox. Nebil is an experienced Senior Manager with a demonstrated history of working in large companies across Logistics, operations and communication.


IntiGrow is an on-demand lifestyle plateform (IntiGo) providing 2&3 wheelers ride hailing service, last mile dlivery and service providers delivery such as houskeepers, handymen, etc. Ultimatly Intigrow will implement a mobile payment solution called IntiPay.


Bikes are purchased by IntiGo & provided to independent drivers through a 6 month leasing agreement or sold through a 3 year leasing agreement.

Bikes: 125cc w/ rooftop & 50cc

Ride fare is 60 to 70% of Taxi fare.


Besides the team hired to manage the activities of IntiGrow, the company will partner with independent drivers to deliver the company’s services. Also by providing to handyman and small businesses direct access to on-demand services market, IntiGrow aims to improve their income and  boost the aspirational value of jobs such as plumbing, Housekeeping and beautician to make more people employable.