GoMyCode : 1000 Coders

GoMyCode : 1000 Coders

Online Educational Plateform


ENTREPRENEUR : Yahya Bouhlel 

Yahya Bouhlel started developing technology products by himself at the age of 13 and was recruited by a Silicon Valley startup Make School at the age of 16 for summer internships. Back in Tunisia, he decided to create a coding school that takes the spirit and energy of Silicon Valley.


GoMyCode is the first digital learning platform that mixes attendance and remote learning. They aim to prepare the future generation of developers, data scientists, digital marketing managers and designers.


GoMyCode is an educational platform that trains talents on the newest technologies and connects them with tech opportunities around the world. The trainings are paid in advance by the students.


In less than a year, GoMyCode helped over 4000 students develop their technology. With their project 1000 Coders, they are aiming to train 1000 people to code and make them job ready.