Educational Platform


ENTREPRENEUR : Sabrine Ibrahim

Sabrine Ibrahim is the CEO and Co-Founder of “Class Quiz”. Basically, she is a Mechatronics engineer. Her professional purpose is to use the power of technologies in order to make education better in the African region. Ambition and persistence characterize her profile, she likes solving problems and leading for positive change.


Class Quiz is a digital educational platform that helps children enjoy schooling and learning at Class Room. The platform presents the curriculum in an interactive form that stimulates pupils and encourages them to learn. Class Quiz helps also teachers to prepare their classroom sessions with appropriate pedagogical digital content and allows them also to follow and evaluate each student’s progress.


Class Quiz has 3 revenue streams:

1- Their team creates a free content supported by sponsors and fermium content for parents and schools.

2- Their team creates specific educational content for partners and customers.

3- Their users use our content builder to create free or profitable content. We share with them the revenues generated by their content.

Social Impact Model:

Besides adding value in the educational system of the Arab world and Africa, Class Quiz is also a team of young passionate engineers.